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B’nai Noah (Children of Noah)

B’nai Noah Community Fellowship’s purpose is to live life as God intended us to do. Human beings were created by God, in God’s own image for God’s good purpose. The B’nai Noah look to God for instruction on how to live a life that is pleasing to God. In that instruction, the B’nai Noah find their purpose in life.

  1. The B’nai Noah worship God through prayer, study and meditation in order to find guidance from God through His infinite wisdom, love and light.
  2. The B’nai Noah stand in awe at the beauty and scope of God’s creation as evidenced by the universe that surrounds us each living moment.
  3. The B’nai Noah acknowledge their status as living breathing miracles of God as evidenced by our very own existence, and as such, respect life in all its forms because it was created by God for His specific purpose.
  4. The B’nai Noah acknowledge that they are created by God in God’s own image and as such, choose to live morally responsible lives with full knowledge that we are not sexual objects and pleasure is not the ultimate goal of life.
  5. The B’nai Noah respect the property of others and acknowledge that we are all brothers and sisters, created by God, in the image of God, for God’s good purpose. We show respect for our Creator by respecting each other.
  6. The B’nai Noah recognize that all life is created by God, and as such it is sacred. Man’s role in the garden of Eden was that of gardener tasked to care and maintain this place, and as such we are tasked to care and maintain our home and all life that inhabits this home.
  7.  The B’nai Noah recognize that Justice is God’s to hand out, however, we recognize that when we right the wrongs of society, we act as partners in sustaining God’s creation and vision for us, His children.

– B’nai Noah Community Fellowship (www.bnainoah.org)

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